GranIHC Services Inc. is committed to conducting all of its business with ethics, complaince, transparency and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We expect all our members and third parties with whom we do business to comply with the ethical principles, commitments and complaince guidelines adopted by GranIHC, which are in our Code of Ethics and Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy.

Know our Code of Ethics and Conduct and our Anti-Corruption Policy.

Our permanent challenge is to grow consistently, transparently and sustainably, which implies never giving up ethics and complaince.


Reporting Channel

The Member who becomes aware of any violation of any aspect of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Anti-Corruption Policy or any laws or regulations, by any person, may not omit and must report such fact immediately.

With the purpose of investigating deviations and receiving suggestions related to the Code of Ethics and Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policy or any other laws or regulations, GranIHC established the reporting channel below.

    Ethics and Conduct Committee

    GranIHC Services Inc. has an Ethics and Conduct Committee that meets ordinarily every six months and extraordinarily when requested by one of its members. This Committee has the autonomy and independence to investigate, investigate and judge cases of violations of our Code and impose the appropriate disciplinary sanctions.

    The members of the Ethics and Conduct Committee are responsible for disseminating, clearifying doubts and providing guidance on compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policy and other applicable laws or regulations.

    The GranIHC Ethics Committee has the following training: