DOME - Port Operations and Logistic Support Base

DOME, j formed by GranIHC and Prumo, it consists of a private terminal located in the main channel of Porto do Açu, in the north of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

DOME has a dock area with dredging completed at a minimum depth of 9 meters, an available built area of ​​10 m² - including sheds, offices and workshops -, and a retro area of ​​30 m² expandable to 190 m².

Due to its differentiated geographic location, close to the Campos and Espírito Santo Basins, state-of-the-art infrastructure and operational excellence, DOME's vocation is to serve oil field operators and companies with excellence. subsea, shipowners and other players in the sector, enabling port operations and projects in a flexible, efficient and safe way.

With its state-of-the-art dock and backyard, DOME is ready to serve the main EPCI projects and offshore operations, through the provision of infrastructure services and facilities.

DOME is currently one of the main support bases for logistics, manufacturing and loading of rigid pipelines (spoolbase) for the main subsea EPCI projects in Brazil, which will service the Brazilian pre-salt fields of Mero 1, Mero 2 and Sépia.